Thursday, August 21, 2014

2 Gun Cleaning Kit Reviews

I bought a new gun cleaning kit and bb gun based on what I read at Bullseye Nation, and I thought I'd share a review of the two kits I bought.

Here's the article I referenced before making my purchases for gun cleaning kits:

I'll also link to the articles on that site I think are worth reading because they review stuff in a way that most gun sites don't. That said, let's get started on my own review!

Otis Zombie Gun Cleaning System Review

I'm not worried about the Zombie Apocolypse. And I did not buy the Otis Zombie Gun Cleaning System especially for it. I could care less what the name says. I did buy this when I bought the Otis kit.

From the day this neat package arrived, it has been in only two places - with me when I'm cleaning my guns, and inside my best range bag when I'm not. The zombie is perfect for all my .357 Magnum handgun, a Ruger10/12, and 12-gauge shotgun.

Honestly, I bought the kit because it allowed me to clean specific guns -- 223/5.56, 9mm, 40, and shotgun -- by using the chamber brush.

There are two rifle rods with different diameters included - the smaller one is applicable for smaller calibre bores, while I use the one with larger diameter for my 10/22. There is a shorter rod for the handgun, too.

There are 5 brushes, and I particularly like the chamber brush which I didn't see in the other Otis kits. Otis should fill more kits with this brush; I wonder why it's a rarity because it's a useful little thing for ARs especially.

Ironically, while the inclusion of a chamber brush gets my nod, it is also the reason why I have to take a star off. It worked so well with the extension pole it was attached to. However, it took some twisting with pliers to disassemble the joined tool after several rotations. There's also a difficulty in threading the cleaning pads; time-consuming is more like it because it took me 3 minutes each time. 

Those are just 2 of the 25-or-so items, and I have no complaints with the rest.

I haven't used the lube bottle yet because I think M-PRO 7 gun oil is the best I've used and have no intention of stopping using it.


Before we continue with our review, we'd like to take a little intermission break to relax the mind. :)

Otis All-Caliber Rifle Cleaning System

I was torn between wanting and getting disappointed with the all-caliber rifle kit, hence, the middle-scale rating. On one hand, I bought it for the Memory-Flex cables and the bronze brushes for my .22 caliber rifle.

The design of the kit was a remarkable one and, being US-made, the quality of the materials and components were obviously superior.

I was expecting everything to work; however, when the package arrived, I did not find an attachment to fit my 10/22. The 3 cables were there, and surely, the attachments fitted on one of the cables but not on the cable for my rifle.

I wondered where truth in advertising was when the ads said “all-caliber.” If only the attachment was there, it would have been a great purchase. I also wondered about cleaning my good bb gun with this kit -- so much for all caliber!

For the price I got the kit, I think it was half the price of each item added together. I also tried my already-owned attachments from other manufacturers; they were actually compatible!

Everything looked compact and in good condition, and I really wanted to use it right away. But with a basic part missing, there was no way it was going to be of any use. I thought of mixing and matching other parts from several kits but decided against it.

I had to return the kit and was glad there was no problem in transacting it.   

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